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Uncostumed Anaam Akaam — Nameless. Desireless Agaah Adhaah — Unfathomable. Incorruptible Anaa-thay Pramaa-thay — Unmastered. Destroyer Ajonee Amonee — Beyond birth. Beyond shape Akarmang Abharmang — Beyond karma. Beyond doubt Aganjay Alaykhay — Unconquerable.

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Like energies, Tarot readings also go through phases. In the past month or so, the majority of my sessions have had to do with workplace issues, namely bosses. But the minute I walk into work I feel uneasy with my boss. Why has this happened throughout my career? I cannot perform. How do I deal with a Boss like her? It is humiliating and frustrating to work under his supervision. What can I expect if I quit this company? He micromanages my whole life?

How can I find peace and balance? Throughout our careers we will work with a variety of people. And like all relationships, there will be harmonious ones, and some that are downright unpleasant, uncomfortable and the reason for quitting. Someone with whom the interaction is more frequent and uncomfortable, demotivating, unpleasant or draining.

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In such cases the chances of a karmic connection are revealed in a session, along with the suggestions on how to deal with the situation. With each case being unique, with each lesson differing from soul to soul, the levels of Karma differ. Some may have an extremely stressful relationship with one particular boss and then move on to a place of harmony either with the superior or with other bosses.

Where some may face difficult bosses in all their jobs throughout their career. What could be the lesson? I would also like to add, that not all boss karma is tough or stressful. Some may have been blessed with true leaders as Bosses and have shared a mutually enriching relationship. The karmic lesson would then be to carry the blessing forward, knowing how to treat others when you become a Boss. Situations will always vary, but like all relationships there will always be a lesson to learn and to grow from.

Be it from a good boss or a challenging one. For an indepth look at your work relationships, do get in touch for a session. Today I heard about the passing of an old Cherokee medicine woman who I met way back in I consulted her when I had quit the corporate world and my last boss disclosed to me that he had stolen my personal file from my desk to hinder my future job search. While I was relieved to know what happened to that file, I was also angry and deeply disappointed by his petty act.

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I will never forget her words of wisdom. Bless them. For what you send out will return three times over back to you. It took months of inner work.

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Whenever I felt hurt by his act of jealousy and sabotage I worked hard to not send him negativity, which was easier and oh so tempting. I sent him good wishes and surrendered to the laws of karma. Looking back I realised the importance of her words. As individuals we can not please everyone. They will criticise, tear us down, block our paths and the temptation to drop down to their levels will arise, but the best way forward for peace is to resonate at a higher vibration. Send them love, send them light, send them forgiveness and focus on your own path. Speaking from personal experience, it took me 2 years of daily meditation to actually feel the real experience.

Why did it take me so long? Had a distracted and restless meditation session, never mind, tomorrow will be better.

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  4. Had to cut short your meditation because of another appointment. Meditation is not competition. There is no race to enlightenment. It is only a way to find peace, to connect, to heal and to be. Green is the color of Mother Earth and is considered to be the most restful colour for our eyes. Long symbolized by the ancient Egyptians as the color of hope and healing, green has been used extensively by ancient healers and modern day colour therapists. Studies have revealed that those who work in green environments have fewer stomach aches.

    Painting kitchens green brings feelings of freshness and vitality while cooking. Surgeons began to wear the colour green as it helped to calm their patients and heal them at subtle levels. Green has restorative and rejuvenating qualities. It represents regrowth, abundance and peace which is what Nature gives to us. The colour green too is neutral, and can work with other colors.

    In chakra healing green symbolizes our heart chakra, from where we give and receive love. Green crystals like Aventurine, Jade and Emerald are said to protect, heal and soothe physical ailments.

    Ostara (Spring Equinox) March 19th – 23rd Oracle Reading with Violet Pin 2337

    Green is ruled by the planet of Mercury that guides our communication and a great day to wear Green is on Wednesdays. Some currencies have been printed in Green to denote prosperity and wealth. Green is easy to add to any environment through the use of plants. As living things, plants add energy and harmony to any space. Natural purifiers they reduce the effects of pollution indoors. Avoid plants in bedrooms though. While meditating, focus on a green object — a plant, a painting, even a green statue. This colour harmonizes the flow of prana or universal life force, throughout the psychic centres.

    There are many more ways to use the colour green in your life, not only creatively but also therapeutically. Your fiercely independent streak will make sure you do things your way, the right way, and the best way. People will notice your originality and appreciate your point of view. A wonderful month for receiving, building, consolidating and growing — the cards promise success and recognition.

    Family and friends may take a back seat while you focus on studies or work matters. Just remember to express gratitude to all those who brought you to where you are today. Energies shift suddenly and you may find yourself struggling to find harmony again with certain relationships. The old comfort levels may give way to an uneasy tension. Instead of keeping quiet like you normally do, how about expressing your feelings and clearing the air?

    Workwise you may find yourself making some hard choices. A recurring health ailment may require a new line of treatment or a second opinion. The company of old friends will heal your soul.