March 29 blue moon astrology

February might have tested you in some way.

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Now it is time to really process and learn from the lessons that have been presented to you. It could also mean it is time for you to step out of your quiet corner and reconvene with others as a teacher, or healer.

Your gifts and your knowledge is yours and yours alone. If you feel called to, at this full moon, really define what is yours and what belongs to you. Allow that to be the source of your power moving forward. Traditionally, the Moon card has been thought of as representing a time of contraction and of the shadow world coming up to give us information. However, these traditional interpretations have more to do with what mankind thought of womankind than what the moon really correlates with: evolution, intuition, cycles, bending to the natural ebb and flow of life.

Allowing our processes to be internal and external, and knowing that our inner life is just as important as our outer life. Honoring our psychic abilities and messages.

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Acknowledging our emotions and the very real role they can play in our motivations and manifestations. The Moon card is a card of internal knowing and internal magic—a beautiful compliment to the Hermit. These cards ask us to dedicate ourselves to our own processes, our own practices. Trust your intuition at this full moon, and do something for yourself, from yourself.

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Take out the Hermit card, the Moon card, and another card that symbolizes what qualities you are trying to invoke at this full moon. Put the Hermit card to the left, the Moon card to the right, and the third card above them, like a triangle point. Ask yourself: Where can I focus my energy more, or what do I need to let go of, to get to a breakthrough? Do I need more time alone, or do I need to spend more time connecting with others in generative ways? Where am I ready to express more of myself? What unique gifts from my past experiences, pleasurable or painful, are ready to be mined and shared?

What are some interesting combinations of my gifts I have not yet explored?

Moon Phases for Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 12222

What must I sacrifice in order to achieve my goals? How can my intuition guide me? Buy your copy here. Work with Sarah here. March starts out with a bang: a full moon! She dares us to center, beckoning us into our intuition and our unique insights.

Full Moon in Libra – April 12222

What we focus on will grow. Even if it is for one minute, or one hour. Make this your most magic month yet. This combination of cards is very interesting, indeed. Being guided by your inner light, after a period of hardship. This card also simply connotes rest, and the gifts that come from letting your psyche settle.

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  • It is a wild card: a card of ghosts, howls, and feral expression. When it comes to the lunar cycle, there are a lot superstitions and beliefs that stem from ancient folklore and scientific misconceptions.

    A popular belief is that the presence of a full moon in the night skies has an effect on pregnant women, pushing them to labour. Some cultures put their twist on the belief, suggesting women are somehow more fertile during the event. Dr R Phillips Heine, of Duke Health, explained: "People have thought a full moon is responsible for many things — bad or good — through time. The lunar lunacy effect appears to be no better supported than is the idea that the moon is made of green cheese. If by any chance this happens to be true, then you should probably think about your long-term goals and what you want to achieve in life.

    According to astrologers at ForeverConscious.

    Blue Moon 2018 spiritual meaning: What does the Blue Moon rising mean for YOU?

    So what exactly can spiritual and superstitious people look forward to on Saturday? If you are pregnant, prepare for a surprise A popular belief is that the presence of a full moon in the night skies has an effect on pregnant women, pushing them to labour. Thankfully scientists have long debunked this as nothing more than a myth. The lunar lunacy effect appears to be no better supported than is the idea that the moon is made of green cheese Scientific America.